Algebra Calculator – What is the Best Math Calculator?

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“What is the best algebra calculator?”

What is the best graphing calculator is a question middle school, junior high, high school and college students ask all the time. The answer is always the same, “it depends.” Depending on whether you need a calculator for Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, or Algebra 2 and your plans to take any additional math classes plays into which is the best algebra calculator for students.

Pre-Algebra Calculator

The best choice for students just getting their feet wet using a more advanced mathematical calculator would be the Texas Instruments TI-73 Graphing Calculator. The TI-73 is the perfect graphing calculator for middle school students who have never used a graphing calculator before. With its simple and uncomplicated interface students can quickly and easily learn the basics of performing functions and display information such as pie charts, scatter plots, histograms, bar charts, and pictographs.

Even better since the TI-37 math calculator was designed with midd

le school students in mind it was built to be rugged, the calculator can handle being dropped repeatedly and keep on working.If your middle school student is just starting out I would strongly recommend you take a closer look at the Texas Instruments TI-73 Graphing Calculator.

Algebra 1 Calculator

Now that you are starting to get into the meat and potatoes of math its time to step up to a calculator that is up to the task. A good Algebra 1 calculator to consider is the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. The TI-83 is often the first or second graphing calculator that every algebra 1 student will use and for good reason, the TI-83 is designed almost specifically to be a math calculator for algebra students. Many teachers will require that this be the calculator students purchase because it is perfect at what it does and you will find it simple to learn and easy to follow along in class and at home because your math textbook will most likely use examples directly from the TI-83 Plus in the lesson.

The TI-83 Plus is great at what it does it serves well as in inverse, polynomial, linear, piecewise and graphing function calculator to name just a few of the mathematical functions this calculator is good for.

The bottom line is that the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator is the best graphing calculator for Algebra 1 students who are looking for their first graphing calculator and do not want to be impeded by more confusing advanced models that your teacher will most likely not allow you to use in class.

Algebra 2 Calculator

Now you have really made it, and its time to buy the best algebra 2 calcuator. Algebra 2 is where the going gets tough and as a student you really need to buckle down and decide how far you are going to go in math class and you need every advantage you can get. If you have made it to Algebra 2 and plan to continue on to pre-calc or calculus or if your old graphing calculator just is not up to the task now is the time to upgrade to the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator. The TI-84 Plus Silver edition graphing calculator is extremely powerful ensuring the calculator will help you in Algebra 2 and beyond.  This mathematical calculator comes standard with numerous features and processing power that will allow you to continue using this calculator for all your math and science classes you take for the rest of your high school or college career, even better this calculator is approved for the SAT, AP, and ACT test so you will not have to learn a new calculator just before taking those important exams.

There are so many features and benefits to the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator it is hard to focus on just a few. With its link cable you can install hundreds of different programs or games to the calculator depending on your needs. Its faster than the basic model TI-84 Plus and has more storage too all the while costing just about the same price making the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphing Calculator the obvious choice.

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