What is the Best Scientific Calculator?

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Competition in the calculator market is heating up with makers releasing or updating several new calculators. With dozens of choices on the market, deciding what is the best scientific calculator can be overwhelming. To help you choose the scientific calculator that best fits your needs we have created this helpful chart for you or you can scroll below to see our pick of the top three best scientific calculators.

Our Rating
TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

Casio FX-115ES PLUS

HP 15C Scientific Calculator

Casio fx-300MS

Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS 2-Line Scientific Calculator

Sharp Electronics EL-W516XBSL

TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator


Texas Instruments TI-30XA Scientific Calculator

HP 35s Scientific Calculator

Hewlett Packard 300S+ Engineering/Scientific Calculator

Our Picks for the Three Best Scientific Calculators

Best: TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator

The TI-36X Pro is fantastic, it comes as close to perfection as we have seen. Heavy users rave about its rich features and ability to easily store previous entries in its stack making solving complex problems a snap.

Adding to the reasons that the TI-36x is the best scientific calculator is that it is virtually universally accepted by faculty and major standardized test making this the only scientific calculator you will need to buy and will want to start familiarizing yourself with it as soon as possible since odds are one day you will be forced to use for an upcoming class or test.
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Runner Up: Casio FX-115ES PLUS
With the release of the updated version of the FX-115ES the new PLUS version is a rock solid scientific calculator. Math students will appreciate that the calculator can now display repeating decimals in bar notation, PLUS users now have the ability to access previous answers, as well as solve quadratic and cubic equations, just to name a few of the vastly important improvements in this model.

If you choose this calculator we believe you will not be let down as this is a solid well rounded, fully featured graphing calculator.

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Worth Considering: HP 15C Limited Edition

Old school engineers will drool at the news that the classic HP-15C has been re-released as a special commemorative limited edition. Serious calculators are snapping these up and a hot secondary market is forming around these with prices skyrocketing on Amazon.

This calculator is a classic for a reason though, the design is nearly perfect. Users who have spent the time learning how to use the unique reverse Polish notation would never dream of switching back, and many get a kick when someone who has never used an HP calculator ask to borrow theirs and they cannot even figure out how to add 2+2 on the calculator.

If you want to win the admiration of your professor or boss, whip one of these out and watch their eyes light up.
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