Casio FX-115ES Plus Review – Casio Scientific Calculator

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Casio FX-115ES Plus Review

Casio claims that this new calculator is their most advanced scientific calculator to date. It is, in fact, especially when compared to Casio’s previous lines of scientific calculators. The Casio Scientific Calculator FX-115ES PLUS offers the newest trend in scientific calculators: the “natural textbook” look. Inputting complicated equations and reading outputs is made easier with this function because of the way the numbers are organized on the screen. For example, fractions look exactly as they would if written on a piece of paper – a numerator directly above a horizontal line and a denominator underneath. Pi is depicted symbolically and square roots are easier to visualize. This is a feature that helps tremendously during test-taking, especially if your mind is accustomed to viewing equations and examples from written texts. The Casio FX-115ES PLUS also holds previous entries and outputs in memory so that you can recall and modify current entries.

The Casio FX-115ES PLUS is a good choice for the NCEES FE and PE exams as its mathematical capabilities are sufficient for most Engineering demands, even more advanced ones. This calculator makes unit conversions easy since the most common unit conversions are pre-programmed into it. During a test, the last thing you want is to strain your brain for scientific constants; this calculator takes that pressure off by giving you access to codes for over forty scientific constants right inside its cover. Enjoy many other useful time- and energy- saving functions. Find the xth root, factorize prime numbers, calculate remainders, convert between metric units, calculate equations and inequalities, perform matrices and vectors, and use complex numbers among many other standard scientific calculator functions.

There is a major drawback to this calculator: its history is wiped when the ON button is pressed or when switching between modes. The calculator automatically shuts off after a couple of idle minutes, which is great for saving power during a long day of problem solving, but if you step away for a quick break everything input and calculated up until then will be gone when you return. This has been reported as its main issue by otherwise very satisfied users.

At 3.35 ounces, this calculator won’t add any burden to your backpack. Its keys are plastic and it comes with a hard cover for safekeeping. The price of this calculator certainly doesn’t reflect its enormous range of possibilities. For the low price, the Casio FX-115ES PLUS is a great investment for anyone looking to adopt and become familiarized with their first – or next – scientific calculator.

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