Hp 15C Limited Edition Scientific Calculator Review

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Hp 15C Limited Edition Review

The HP 15C Limited Edition was released on the 30th Anniversary of Hp-12C edition. The earlier version (HP 15C Scientific Calculator) was introduced in the market in 1982 but it was discontinued in 1989 and the price of that scientific calculator was about $100. The latest version of Hp-15C i.e. HP 15C Limited Edition was released in 2011 and its price was about $180. The Hp-15C Limited Edition is the latest version of HP 15C Scientific Calculator with the modern ARM technology which is powered by 12C hardware. This new version is very practicle for the power users, providing portability and it provides RPN mode which makes the computation easier. This version is more advantageous to engineers as it provides the complex computation operations like complex numbers, matrix operations, integration, differentiation and roots problems. The new version of  the HP-15cis better than its original version in many respects i.e. the design of HP 15C Limited Edition is more simple and elegant, it provides more scientific functions, it is portable as it can be placed in the pocket of a shirt and its keyboard keys are less solid and are user friendly.

The Limited Editionis much faster than the original Hp-15C as it provides the answers of the complex problems like integration of polynomial functions and factorial of non-integers in the glimpse of an eye. HP has provided about one hundred times faster operations than the original Hp-15C edition. The palpable response of the keys of the Limited Edition is another big achievement of Hewlett Packard. The re-released version has a detailed manual about using the calculator for the desired calculations, a sleek and attractive collectible box and a CD for the instructions. The display of the Limited Edition is also better than the original one as it provides a wider display range and better contrast. The processor is much faster and the operating system starts up and shuts down instantly. To sum up the whole story,  the Limited Edition is better than the original version in all respects. If you want a fast computations, a large display, palpable response of the keys, portability of the calculator, a scientific calculator with all the functions needed for the engineers and scientists then don’t wait prices are rising fast on the Limited edition as the short supply is gobbled up by die hard HP collectors itching for a chance to own the new HP 15C Limited Edition.

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