HP 35s Scientific Calculator Review

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HP 35s Scientific Calculator Review

This calculator is classic by many means. It has the look and feel of a serious machine, and the display of a traditional scientific calculator. If you are a loyal HP user, this calculator will feel familiar. The HP 35s Scientific Calculator is a Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) calculator, which means that it doesn’t require the use of brackets to define priorities for evaluation of operators. Some people are long time RPN users and absolutely swear by the method. Some newcomers claim that RPN is very easy to learn and worth the time. Others, yet, prefer to bypass the whole system and go with a more user-friendly and intuitive interface. The RPN mode comes in handy especially in a scientific calculator with fractions like this one in which fractions can be inputted in a variety of ways, as per the user’s choice. The HP 35s calculator is programmable, a huge plus for those who rely on pre-programming to facilitate everyday calculations, or speed up certain test problems. However, only a few programs can be stored since it limits the number of labels and variables to 26.

This scientific calculator with fractions makes it easy to view and perform both regular as well as mixed fractions. It features a fraction button and gives the user the choice to input the fraction using RPN or algebraic mode. Both modes will return the same result, the main difference is in the format of the input. This is more than just a scientific calculator with fractions, it performs advanced mathematics, especially the type required in scientific, medical and engineering professions. Engineers who are already familiar with RPN may consider this calculator a good choice for the NCEES PE and FE exams. Although, it’s not a good choice for everyone because of its interface, it does deliver on the math. Some features are made to facilitate common problems like two-variable equations. Enter and solve two equations with two unknowns simultaneously using the HP Solve application. Enjoy features like numerical integration, and complex number and vector calculations.

Without solar assistance, expect to change the batteries quite often.  The physical design of the calculator is attractive to the serious type, and the buttons are ergonomic and feel easy and comfortable to the touch. A hard protective cover comes included with the calculator.

Unlike most recent scientific calculator models that display four lines at a time, the HP 35s only displays two lines. It also doesn’t feature the newly coveted textbook-like display. This is not the most intuitive or user friendly calculator, but it will certainly appease the more traditional user looking for nothing more than pure programming and mathematical power.

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