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HP Prime Graphing Calculator Review

| February 8, 2014 | 0 Comments

HP Prime Review

HP’s answer the TI Nspire CX CAS is finally here and now its time to see how this color graphing calculator stands up to the competition.

With the new HP Prime the creators set out to create a 21st century calculator that blows the competition out of the water while appealing to the widest audience possible and they have done just that!

Breaking from tradition the Prime supports both Reverse Polish Notation and algebraic notation, which opens this calculator up to a whole new generation of users who are uncomfortable using RPN.


Full color-screen, wireless connectivity, with multi-touch capability, 2300 installed functions and support for both algebraic and reverse Polish notation.


    • 256mg flash memory
    • 32mb mDDR ram
    • 400mhz ARM9 processor
    • Rechargeable lithium battery
    • USB port
    • 320×240 16 bit color touch screen

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  • Speed. The 400mhz processor is blazing fast, with the calculator giving almost instantaneous results.
  • Backlit color touch screen. Navigates similar to a smart phone. No more time consuming scrolling with buttons.
  • RPN and Algebraic notation support.
  • Robust support for app developers and users.


  • Keys are a bit on the small side.
  • Lack of an expansion slot.
  • Manual comes on cd, not a printed book.

Bottom Line

The HP Prime is one of the best graphing calculators currently on the market. Its blazing fast speed, easy to use touch screen, and large number of available apps make this calculator an easy choice for those looking for a modern, powerful calculator.

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