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Texas Instruments TI-36x Pro Review – Best Calculator For FE Exam 2014

| July 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

Texas Instruments TI-36X PRO Review

The TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculator is a calculation powerhouse and a perfect companion to the aspiring and the accomplished engineer. Its functions are advanced in nature but its interface is simple and user-friendly. The input and data manipulation styles of this calculator are comparable to that of graphing calculators; it allows for scrolling through entries, making edits to previous entries and pasting inputs or outputs into new calculations. Its four-line display makes it easy to visualize up to four calculations at a time and allows for mathprint view of equations – input equations into the calculator in the same way that you would write them out by hand on a sheet of paper. Unlike other scientific calculators, the TI-36x Pro performs vectors and matrices with simple input.

The Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro Calculator is approved and recommended as the number one choice as the best calculator for the FE exam. In terms of the available mathematical calculation capacity, this calculator introduces several facilitating functions. One of the main perks of this calculator is that it solves equations! This calculator will actually solve most numeric and polynomial equations, as well as up to 3×3 systems of linear equations within seconds. During exams like the NCEES series, this will save a lot of time because it will eliminate the need for certain tables, and step-wise calculations. The TI-36X Pro also offers a very helpful unit conversion function. For those taking the Electrical FE or PE, you’ll enjoy the “Power, Energy” conversions. Civil Engineers can take advantage of the “Speed, Length” conversions. The other conversions include “Temperature”, “Pressure” and “English-Metric”. Unfortunately, this calculator has left out automated metric units, which means you won’t be able to simply press a button to indicate that you are working in the, say, Mega range. However, it did store some constants – speed of light, proton mass, Faraday constant, and many etc.’s – in its memory along with each one’s units so you don’t have to fumble around your own memory searching for these.

This machine of mathematical wonder holds a few time-saving advantages in its design that propels it to the number one spot. First, there’s no need to switch between modes exclusively, which in some other scientific calculators is not only necessary but may result in complete devastating loss of all calculations done in previous modes; there’s no time for that during an important test. Another feature, which is introduced by this model, is the multitouch function. Switch between functions like sine, inverse sine, hyperbolic sine and inverse hyperbolic sin all with consecutive touches of the same button. This applies to several other frequently used functions as well, like pi, e and i. With all of the capacity built-in to this quasi-graphing calculator, it’s no wonder they had to implement a multitouch function.

Although the TI-36x Pro is a handy tool for engineers, it’s also recommended for physicists, statisticians, computer scientists, biologists and all other professionals who need to perform complicated calculations but can forgo graphing power.

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