Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX CAS Review – The Best Graphing Calculator?

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TI-Nspire CX CAS Review

The TI- Nspire CX CAS Graphing Calculator looks and feels more like a smart phone than a calculator at first glance. The first thing to notice about this calculator is the color screen and distinct button organization featuring a touchpad smack dab in the top middle of the board and a full ABC keyboard at the bottom. Lagging just behind Casio with this innovation, this Nspire brings color and customization to graphing. It operates much like a computer by allowing scrolling, clicking and saving. The backlit LED display HD display’s brightness has 10 adjustable levels, the brightest being bright enough to see under daylight. The batteries included are rechargeable and will last up to two weeks on a single charge and for many years. This is quite an important power implementation, especially for such an energy-guzzling calculator like this one.

Let’s turn to the math. The TI- Nspire CX CAS is capable of all the mathematical feats of a TI-89 , plus some really sweet eccentricities that make it fun and easy to use as well as learn on. Color and animation are everything. Color code equations and graphs, and animate points on objects and graphs. Load pictures and perform mathematical operations on top of the picture for teaching and learning purposes. Use a slider to make interactive graphs and understand their nature. Jot down notes right next to your math as reminders for later. Link multiple documents to see how changing one form affects all others. Use the Vernier DataQuest™ application to create hypotheses graphically and replay data collection experiments. Don’t just calculate, analyze data with advanced statistical methods and multiple data input methods like lists and matrices.

This snazzy calculator is recommended for anyone who needs a graphing calculator, from the high school student beginning to learn about derivatives, to the college student struggling to solve a physics problem set, to the Engineer building a bridge. This calculator doesn’t leave behind any essential functions or facilitative extras. It features textbook-like display of the text (for example, stacked fractions and math symbols) for easy viewing and inputting and includes integrated templates that facilitate input of more unfamiliar problems. Chemists will love a feature called Chem Box which allows for easy input of chemical formulas and equations.

The high tech feel and colorful nature of this incredibly user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing calculator will certainly attract younger generations as well as older ones who want to add some spice and dynamics to their graphing experience with the TI- Nspire CX CAS .

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