What Calculators are Allowed on the ACT? – ACT Calculator List

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What calculators are allowed on the ACT?

This is one of the most important questions students ask. The ACT is very strict on their calculator policy and you need to make sure you arrive with an ACT approved calculator.

The ACT allows both scientific and graphing calculators as well as basic calculators so long as they do not contain certain advanced features.

You are also allowed to bring a spare calculator with you as a backup which is highly recommended! Trust me, you do not want to get to the math portion of the test and find out your calculator has malfunctioned. If you do not already have a backup you can purchase them easily from Amazon by clicking on the models in the list below.


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  • Any Variation of the TI-89
  • Any Variation of the TI-92
  • Voyage 200
  • TI Nspire CX CAS
  • HP 48gII
  • Any HP 40g or 49g
  • HP 50g
  • Casio Algebra FX 2.0
  • Casio Classpad 300
  • Any Casio CFX-9970g
  • any other calculator with the following features such as a computer algebra system(CAS), QWERTY keyboard(non QWERTY keyboards are allowed), stylus, ability to access the internet or communicate electronically. No laptops, cellphones, or tablets, or pocket organizers.

ACT also has several other restrictions on calculators in order for them to be permitted. Calculators with tape must have the paper removed, calculators that make noise must be on silent mode, calculators such as the HP38/39/48g that can communicate with other calculators must have the IR data port covered with duct tape or other material. Finally no power cords are allowed. Be sure to double check the list and dont forget your spare calculator!

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